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2013 OB Ltd. 2.5i Satin White Pearl - Special Appearance Package
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Congrats on your new car! I've got your twin, minus the dog guard and wheel arch molding kit, and ours came with puddle lights.

We were just about to order ours until the San Antonio dealer found one very close to what we wanted in Houston. We were the first ones to purchase a 2013 3.6R and the first ones to purchase Twilight Blue in San Antonio.

We absolutely love ours so far, the ride is much better than the several 2012's we test drove. Ours was delivered with over inflated tires (45 - 47) and once I let the extra air out, the drive was even better.
Yup, checked the pressure on our OB Saturday, and the pressure was @ 40 psi (all 4 wheels).
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