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I've owned the car since mid August and immediately after I took it home I started getting error messages - "GPS signal lost" was the voice command I heard and then I would lose the altitude reading and, on a number of ocassions the outage was long and a picture of a satallite would appear in the top left corner and the nav would stop working. Clicking on the satellite symbol would show the unit trying to acquire enough signals. I took the car into the dealer and they experienced the same issue and they replaced the GPS unit (Fujitsu). I've had the same issues with the new unit as well. I dropped the car off and left it for 3 days and the dealer did not experience the problem. I then started taking pictures with my iPhone when the signal went out - showing the time of day and the altitude data missing. Sent 5 pictures to the dealer who forwarded it along to customer service at Subaru NA. They came back and said that when the GPS loses a satellite signal (4 needed) the altitude is lost and that is normal (I have never experienced this in any of my other cars or the cheapo Tom Tom I have for rental cars when I travel). I doubt it. If someone hears the unit announcing that the gps signal was lost and the unit has been unable to navigate then to me it's clear there IS a problem. It's unlikely that 2 units could be defective and they have told me that only one other problem like this has been reported by another customer. Soooo, I think it may be the antenna or the cable from the antenna to the GPS. Subaru wants to send someone out to experience the problem but because it is so random - we could be driving and not experience it while the tech is in the car. I asked that they replace the cable and the antenna and the answer from customer service was that there was no evidence that those components needed to be replaced. I asked to speak to the Zone manager and was told no. Each and every request was responded to with a no. Not sure what I have to do to convince these folks that the problem is real - I can take a picture of the satellite image in the top left corner when it happens again but they want a tech to see it happen. I have had to use mapquest on my iPhone to get me to locations. Wow!! I am unimpressed with subaru support - perhaps I spoke to a customer service rep who was reading from a script and doesn't know how to think but this seems pretty straight forward. If you think otherwise please clue me in.
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