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GR WRX front calipers fit a 08 3.0R?

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As the title says, I am swapping Brembos onto my 2014 WRX after which the sliding calipers will pretty much sit on the shelf. My 08 3.0R front calipers are rusted to the core. I was wondering if I could simply put my WRX calipers on my 2008 OB 3.0R. The rear calipers are in good condition and are new.

Has anyone done this and had success? Thanks for your help. I searched forums and while it says almost every Subaru caliper will fit other models, I wanted to make sure I am not downgrading brakes especially during winter.

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2008 OB 3.0R LL BEAN, 2014 WRB WRX
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Thanks Alex. My concern is if the pistons/pads are larger on the OB being an H6 compared to my WRX.

I know I can go there and measure it, but it's easier to ask and I'm on crutches right now :) lol!
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