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2002 Outback LL Bean- H6
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Looking for some advice on what all to replace here. I'm taking the extra time at home to do a little spring work on my daily driver. 2002 Subaru Outback LL Bean H6. This is a bit of a beater, so I'm only interested in keeping it safe a reliable.
It's gotten to making some clunks while driving over pot holes, and has a slight steering wheel shimmy at highway speed.

Looking at the front suspension, I found the drivers side ball joint boot is torn, so I'm planning on replacing that.

Also I noticed a bunch of greasy slime all over the passenger side control arm rear bushing.
Are these grease packed? I thought they were just rubber.
Should this be replaced as well?

Should I replace more than just the driver side ball joint?
Should I do both sides?
Should I do the rear bushings as well?
Anything else I should look at?


(Pass side ball joint)

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those rear LCA bushings are fluid filled. If they are 'just' leaking the fluid and otherwise good, I'd ride with them for a while. But, you can often have worn-out rubbber there that allows too much movement and sometimes clunking.

I did that job twice. Once put in Prothane poly , too harsh for the wife. At present have Febest after-markets on the car and so far they are OK. At the time , OEM weree priceey - dunno what the market is like now or if there are other new aftermarket makers.
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