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Big thanks to these forums. I found an old thread that suggested a $14 LED bulb to replace the conventional old-style bulb in the rear dome in my 2020 Outback Limited XT. This thing works like a champ and only required swapping bulbs, nothing else. Easy. It comes in a two-pack and I’m giving the spare to a friend who has a 2022 OB. This particular friend had the conventional bulb drain her battery twice because she didn’t realize the rear dome was left on. That will never be a problem with this sucker. It is bright and matches the color temperature of all the other interior lights. Anyway, it’s an inexpensive upgrade and easy install I recommend, thanks to the recommendations of this website. Below is a link to the product on Amazon and a pic of my well-illuminated cargo area. Thanks, again!
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iBrightstar Newest 9-30V Super Bright Error Free 921 T15 912 W16W LED Bulbs with Projector Replacement for Back Up Reverse Lights, Truck Cargo Lights, 3rd Brake Lights, Xenon White
which seat covers are you using there?
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