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Greetings from Burlington, Ont. New to Outback, but not Suby.

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It's a mixed emotion kind of day today. It's the last day with my 2008 2.5i Legacy wagon. Tomorrow I pick up my 2010 Outback 3.6R Limited. I drive alot for work (covering the province of Ontario) and in almost 5 years to the day I have 228,900 Km's on the Legacy.

Outside of a new alternator and a wheel bearing, it's been infallible. But with other maintenance, my average monthly bill was almost a car payment. So I found a very low mileage 2010 at an off brand lot. And I'm stoked at the prospect of more power and creature comforts. My previous cars were a MY 2004 Impreza 2.5 TS, which was traded in for a '06 Jeep Liberty for a growing family. After that lease expired I went back to Subaru (Legacy) and its left me wanting for nothing (well maybe the sunroof I had in the Liberty).

So, I am new to the Outback world. My dad had a '03 Outback H-6 3.0 for awhile and had nothing but praise for its driving abilities. I'll mostly be lurking and reading but just wanted to say hey. Cheers!