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2018 3.6R Limited, ES, HK, hitch, wheel arch moldings, Glasscoat.
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After a long time lurking and enjoying, I've signed up! Thanks for all the great info you've already given me.

I bought my 2015 Limited 3.6R ES HK new, and have tweaked it with Wet Okole seat covers, oil drain valve, LED bulbs, Husky mats, and I thoroughly love the car.

I'm an audiophile, and love a smooth quiet ride--I migrate cross-country with my indignant cats, and enjoy making that trip as pleasant as possible.

I recently cancelled an order on an Audi Q7. I want to up the luxury, and get better nav, music player, and display. When the extravagance just didn't sit right with me, I decided to upgrade my OB instead. :)

To tweak sound, I want to move from Bluetooth to a USB or Aux source. I have not been able to make a USB drive work yet, and I'm looking at a
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for music player and Waze navigation.

To smooth my ride, I'm considering smaller, lighter wheels, and Michelin Premier LTS tires.

I'll post on those topics. Any guidance on the correct forums appreciated. :)

And I'm polishing the paint and applying GlassCoat. She deserves it.

I do love my OB, and look forward to participating.

Thanks, George
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