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Just wanted to say greetings to everyone.
I'm heading to the dealer on 9/20 to pick up a new '18 Outback 3.6R Limited (white on black) for my wife. This will be my fifth Subaru, but first Outback. We decided to pick up a new car with the new addition to our family and decided we needed a car with more utility than a VW Jetta.
My wife fell in love with the Outback when we went to test drive it along with three other vehicles in class (kind of)...'18 VW Tiguan, '17 Honda CRV Touring AWD, and '17 Mazda CX-9 Signature.
I loved the Mazda but was way too big for our needs so it was between the CRV and the Outback at the end and the Outback took the win. For me I prefer cars and since this feels like a car still and the interior redesign we both felt this was the right choice.

As with any car there are things I wish were different...
The motor is a small issue from my perspective. After driving the 2.5L engine it was far too slow for me and I couldn't live with the lack of acceleration. The 3.6L felt better but still lacks power/acceleration compared to modern DI six cylinder engines. The fact that the Subaru 3.6L is still port injected has some pros such as there won't be any carbon buildup issues on the intake valves and this engine variant has been around for a while so I would hope its fairly proven and sorted. The lack of power and fuel economy I'm sure will get rectified in the next model. It's a shame Subaru never put the FA20DIT in the Outback like they did in the Forester! I'm sure the new 2.4DIT engine in the Assent will make it's way into this platform soon, but we need a new car now not in a couple years.
Last issue was I wanted the doo-doo brown interior but my wife said it looked like a dudes car then...I'm not sure how this was an issue? The ivory interior we both wanted if it were a little darker and not so light...our daughter would destroy it in sure. So we got black interior which is just black interior and kind takes some of the pzazz out of it, but a little minor.

I look forward to owning the car and the versatility it will bring to our family
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