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Please ignore the other thread on this - it got cut off and I don't know how to delete it.

Hi, I own a 2012 Subaru outback. It's been through a lot over the years...

Anyway, a month ago or so it started making a clicking noise when flooring it, and when engine was under load it made a very deep sound, much louder and "deeper" than normal (I don't know how to describe it).
Here is a video of the clicking:

That sound went away on its own after a few days. Fast forward to four days ago, when I changed the motor oil. I used Royal Purple HPS with Synerlec (there was no need and I hadn't used it before, but I was like hey what the heck). It was the correct viscosity. Also got a royal purple filter. I forgot to fill the filter with oil before putting it in so I got a short grinding sound for a second.
I don't even know if this is relevant at all, but I'm trying to disclose everything I can.

Yesterday I was messing with the AC/refrigerant. After I did that was when I noticed the following issue, but I don't see at all how it could be related.

When starting the car it would stutter and make a horrible, weird sound. Here's a video:

It got worse over time. I had the alternator, battery, etc tested at an auto parts store and no problems were found. Oil at full mark. Problem also occurred irregardless of whether AC was on or not before cranking.

Then, it started making this horrible grinding sound at high RPMs. It didn't grow louder as the revs increased, it's more like either there or not. Here's a video:

I could replicate it sometimes revving in neutral. Possibly related, that initial clicking sound came back for a bit today but then went away again.

So... What's going on? And is it unsafe to drive?

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See my reply in the other thread. And there's really no need to start a second thread here; it's only going to confuse the responses. The @administrator can combine them for you if he sees my callout, although he's rather busy at the moment with our "new look" to the forum.....
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