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What leads you to believe that is a GROUND wire? Most ground wires are ring-terminals intended to be screwed to something. Are you sure that is not the starter-solenoid wire? Also check if that wire plugs into the injector plate.

Are you suggesting that the engine does not even crank? If so, I would suggest you look into the clutch-switch which disables the starter unless the pedal is on the floor.

The "Run Mode Change System Check" is an error coming from the S-I Drive. The ECU (engine computer) may be confused. Perhaps try removing the NEGATIVE terminal and after 10 minutes reconnect it. This should reset the ECU.
Because its connected to the firewall. Look at the pic again.

It does appear in the OP's image to be bolted to the firewall at the far end.
What HE ^^^^^ said.

First, it can bolt to any metal surface on the engine/trans that it will fit to without causing issues. It is for conductance between the engine and body. Second, check to make sure you have the starter wire connected tight. The small one that triggers the solenoid from the ignition switch. Others have put the wire on and thought it connected tight and it wasn't or the terminal went between the plastic cover without making contact.
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