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Guy & Sons Auto Rebuilders in Chicago, IL

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A few weeks ago my rear bumper got "adjusted" by a Toyota Camry who did not have brakes as good as mine. My insurance (State Farm) has a bazillion in-network shops in the Chicago area, so I started checking them out.

Guy & Sons had good ratings on Yelp and an article from a few years ago in a local Chicago paper listed them in the top 10 for the area in customer satisfaction.

Dropped off Kaylee Wednesday afternoon, picked her up today at noon. New bumper, minor frame support repair, rear of the car looks good as new. She was washed, vacuumed, had cleaned windows, and the dash wiped down. While insurance is footing this bill, their repair rates are very reasonable for the area.

Hope to not need them anytime soon, but I will now be a customer of theirs as needed and will send anyone their way.