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H6 Factory Exhaust Diameter?

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Hello everyone. Ive been doing some searching but can not find the answer. My Mom's 01 outback H6 exhaust has a rust hole in the exhaust near where the midpipe meets the axleback. I need to get some supplies to fix it.

Does anyone know what the factory exhaust pipe diameter is?

Thanks in advance!
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Crap, it's not 2, it's almost 2.5.

2.5 inside-diameter pipe would be easiest.
i bought 2.5" pipe and it was too big for the exhaust on my 2002 H6 and 2003 H6, both of which seem original.

so i think the larger diameter is 2.25" by the muffler-midpipe connector.
Flex-pipe doesn't last long, though.
by flex pipe do you mean the cheapy stuff they sell in autoparts stores off the shelf? that stuff is like a matter of months.

or do you mean the stainless steel short section you can get on ebay and other vendors? i've never used this type:
2 25" Sus 304 Stainless Steel Flex Pipe Exhaust 6" | eBay

they are said to be not intended for any bends...only for vibration and flex/give to protect components. i'm going to try one on a very slight bend and see how long it gives me.
The cheap stuff, due to rust, so stainless should work.
that cheap stuff is amazingly flimsy and horrid.

no idea the linked style are any better. i doubt i can get it to fit since i have an ever so slight bend, i cut too much pipe with the flange...GRRRRR!*($!$$

this is our other H6, i don't need this one jacked up with the trans issues of the other one i talked to you about!
Slightly oversize on tjhe pipe will hide a multitude of sins (bends).
LOL. indeed, really? get a bigger pipe, clamp it down?

like 2.5" on 2.25" or not that oversize?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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