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H6 Factory Exhaust Diameter?

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Hello everyone. Ive been doing some searching but can not find the answer. My Mom's 01 outback H6 exhaust has a rust hole in the exhaust near where the midpipe meets the axleback. I need to get some supplies to fix it.

Does anyone know what the factory exhaust pipe diameter is?

Thanks in advance!
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Most muffler shops will fix that for $50 or less. . . why bother trying to fix it yourself?
Because a relative who welds every day offered to do the welding for me for free. Plus we can easily get it done on a Saturday rather than having my mother go through the hastle of dropping it off at a shop. Why pay $50 and hastle with dropping off a car and picking it up, when it could be done on a weekend for a few dollars worth of pipe.

It is double-wall pipe, that's why it necks down for that joint.

That joint 'wore out' on mine, I ground down the flanges (what was left of them) and used a short piece of 2-inch pipe over the whole joint.

I had to grind down the weld on the inside of the pipe, 2.25 inch pipe would be a lot easier, but you'd have to really crank down on the clamps.

2.25-inch flex pipe might be the best easy choice.
Thanks for the info :29:. I was also thinking a flex pipe would be a good idea in that area. But is 2.25 the same diameter as the factory pipe?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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