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01 Outback H6 VDC, 97 GT wgn w/ ej22, 98 OBW w/ej22
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on the H6 engine 01 - 04, it is most likely the o-ring on the intake suction hose on top of the pump. they get old and brittle and suck air causing a whine. easy to fix, one bolt, 15 minutes, and about $1.50 from the dealer. you can probably match it up at the local parts or hardware store for less.

do you have bubbles or foam in you reservoir?? this is an indicator of a bad o-ring.

i think the part number for my o-ring is 34427AA060. i know that is the part number for an o-ring for something, i saved the package. i just can't remember if it is the steering pump o-ring. sorry.

on the h4 engines 00 - 04, if you over tighten the ''belt guard'' on the alt, steering pump and AC compressor, you can ''flex'' the steering pump and this will cause whining. and i have heard of one case where it was left un-repaired and actually wore the pump bearing. but usually if addressed quickly, loosen all the ''belt guard'' bolts and then snug them up correctly it eliminates the issue.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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