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H6 sporadic over heat?

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Over the last three weeks the temp gauge will go all the way to the white line just under the red and stay before it drops and other times it will stay there. You can tell it is hot because the AC struggles to cool. I can tell when the tstat opens as it will cool down. It has been sporadic with no warning lights on the dash. The fans are working and the lower hose is new. It is hard to duplicate and sometimes it will cool right down when you drive and other times it will not. Seems like a sticking tstat. Wouldn't there be a dash warning light if it was getting that hot?
ps, I did search the forum and did not find an answer to my question.

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If the car has a decent history otherwise, it may just be time for a rad cap, t'stat and maybe a flush and new fluid. (how old are they?)

I suppose there could be hoses collapsing or something more of a 'repair' needed.
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