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just had new rotors and pads put on all four wheels. when the car is cold everything is fine. After some driving, particularly around town, with brake application, the wheels squeak in synchrony with wheel rotation. It sounds like the rears. Just had the "slides lubricated". It made a little difference.

Add to this: the handbrake was loose, so I tightened it per my book (I can't remember the publisher, it's in the car and I don't feel like going outside right now). Tightened to 5-6 clicks on level ground (needs more on an incline). This was after they replaced the shoes because corrosion had caused the mechanism to crack (I gather the shoes inside the rear hub).

Can a handbrake that's too tight cause rear wheel squeak, only when the regular brakes have been applied recently ?

It doesn't add up, I'd rather guess that adding heat to the regular brake system (like, by using it) is causing some expansion which is causing the new hardware to rub. But I'd be guessing.

Are the calipers adjustable ? what else can cause squeak from the rear wheels, only when the brakes have been used recently ? If I don't deal with this, can it cause damage ?

And, can we rule out that the handbrake is too tight ? Again, set to the spec in the book, 5-6 clicks on level ground.

Thanks all!
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