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Harmon Kardon System Turns On By Itself

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I just picked up my 2013 Outback Limited 2.5 on New Year's Eve 2012, and absolutely love it.
However, it does have one peculiar issue; the Harmon Kardon system can be completely powered off, but when I come back and start the engine, it turns on by itself.
It does this at random, but quite frequently, around every third or fourth engine startup.
I've tried pushing the power button and holding it down for a few seconds before shutting the ignition completely off.
I've also tried pushing the power button off about a minute before shutting the ignition completely off to give any logic circuits time to shut down.
I do have an iPod Nano connected to the USB port in the console at all times.
Possibly there may be a setting on the Nano that is causing the HK to wake up?
I can't find anything in the manual that addresses this situation.
Anyone run into this issue?
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^ The nano is probably the reason. Do you also have a smartphone paired with Bluetooth audio, by chance? My wife's will start playing automatically when she turns the car on, and she has an iPhone that she often listens to music from.
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