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hatch bar

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Does anyone know if the hatch bars are still available? I had one on my '99 OBW and miss having one on my 2001.

If anyone has a good used one for sale, and the price is right, I'd be happy to buy it.
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Do you mean the roof bars? I have 2 I would sell you
No, he means something this:

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What would you pay for one with the bar, mounting plates and all hardwear? All you do is drill a hole. There premade installation ports. You need a 10 mm and a 6 inch exention. I have one, but it's dear to me, I might let it go before I put it on.
I don't have the money now purchasing my nexus 7 and a cheap radio to do my in dash mount also purchasing stuff to do my timing belt (again I might not purchase anything as I kinda need to save money for school )
I had one on my '99 OBW and loved it. I believe it was around $35 or so. The one in the picture above is around $70 from the company on the license plate in the picture.
I think $70 is a bit rich. When I was driving the Mercedes wagon I was cruising the pull-a-part yards frequently and saw a handle or two - I now wish I would have pulled them.
I'd pay $50 for a bar.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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