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Oh hey, there is an ENTIRE subforum devoted to this exact topic.


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I have never attached a trailer to my outback before. Can a 2.5i haul a 5x10 cargo uhaul trailer across the country?
Knowing how most Uhaul trailers are setup I will just say no. The outback has a tongue weight rating of 200lbs. A 5x10 empty will be near or above that on its own.

That said Uhaul also tells you to load the trailer heavy in the front to make it ride better. Doing it that way will put most of the weight on the tongue and easily exceed the 200lb rating the outback has.

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plenty of Uhaul threads:

ideas expressed in them typically:

- 5x10 is too big/heavy for any subaru when actually tried, (any subaru, save the tougher Ascent that is coming out).

-ship with a Uhaul U box. a POD, etc.

-drive a Uhaul van, and fly back to get your subaru.

-drive a Uhaul van and put your subaru on a modern Uhaul transporter trailer behind it.

-hire a big professional bonded moving company that everyone knows everywhere, to haul all your stuff, and/or your subaru.
(my brother moved cross country this way, ...they took his car too in the same truck).

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Here are my reports on the 5x8:

Part I:

Part II:

The 5x10 *might* work, but probably not. Yes, it will have trailer brakes (surge brakes), so you are covered there, but it's also pretty heavy to begin with, so you won't be able to load much stuff into it without being overloaded.

Tongue weight is pretty touchy. I don't know about the 5x10, but the 5x8 has a sticker on it:

"Recommended loaded trailer tongue weight: min = 160, max = 390lb."

So in the ideal world, you have about 40 lb tongue weight range to work with.

The UHaul Towing guide has this info:
Step 1: With the tow vehicle and trailer empty, and the trailer attached to your tow vehicle, measure the distance from the ground to the top of the trailer coupler handwheel.

Step 2: With the trailer fully loaded and the tow vehicle empty, measure the distance from the ground to the top of the trailer coupler handwheel.

Step 3: Subtract the answer in Step 2 from the answer in Step 1. (Answer 1 – Answer 2)

If your answer in Step 3 is greater than or equal to 1 inch, your trailer has enough tongue weight. If your answer is less than 1 inch, it is recommended that you reload your trailer, and put more weight in the front of the trailer. An answer less than 1-inch can cause sway or whipping.

The 5x10 is 1250 empty (5x8 = 900). It also has dual axle, so it might balance a little differently. Both have approx the same frontal surface area so wind drag should be about the same. You'll find that wind drag will be what really make your 2.5 work hard vs the weight it's pulling.

The real answer from me is "Maybe". If you decide to try it, let us know how well it worked.
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