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having a huge problem help please?

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So im having a huge problem with outback. So when sometimes.I start my car it wont start then when it does the engine starts shaking and sputtering really bad I would be at a low idle. Then sometimes when im driving all of a sudden when I press the gas pretty hard the car engine starts shaking sputter what is causing this problem?
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Yea I just went out and bought my self a obd 2 scanner and it came up a camshaft positioning sensor. I would never guessed that really thanks everyone for ur opinons. Yea first forum I ever been on where someone wasnt a ass hole. Love the Subaru community
whoa - while it could be a bad/intermittent sensor or it's wiring/connector, uh, I'm pretty sure that sensor's output is compared to the cam sensor and, if they disagree, it might mean slipped timing. That could get worse if not investigated soon. very weird

Did you clear the code? did it return immediately?
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