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Having trouble sticking tape to interior trim

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I'm trying to add an accessory to give me three 12v sockets and 2 x USB power sockets to my 2002/3 model.

The natural place for this is against the inner footwell trim on the passenger side. There is the upper dash unit, then a lower trim panel, and both of them are edged at the front by the radio and console trim.

The gadget came with double sided tape but it wouldn't stick to that lower trim piece. So I got some 3M 30kgm superstick tape and that only lasted a week or two, and then another few weeks of replacing it until it fell off so much that it's too gone to use. The panel is too slick to take the tape.

I've also tried sticking some superstick gaffer tape to the area as a foundation and then the double sided tape to that. That lasted a day or so.

I've had this car for four years and never used armorall or anything like that, although the previous owner might have.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is the plastic trim simply immune to tape, forcing me to use screws, or is there some way of sticking this thing on there?
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Have you tried cleaning the area with alcohol? The dealer may have wiped down the interior with something oiley during prep.
If this is going to be a permanent accessory, you could always use some high grit sandpaper to "rough" the area up a little bit. It would give you a better surface to attach to.
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