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head bolt torque spec nightmare

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99 legacy outback 2.5 dbl cam
I have the sequence instructions, I respectfully submit it is virtually impossible to follow the 90 deg and 180 deg turns w/o perhaps removing engine, the space is just too cramped. Has anybody ever delved to figure after all that what an equivalent ending torque would be? I am not really prepared at this point to completely remove engine be able to turn the wrench handle these degrees specs and especially have it within 10 degrees! perhaps has somebody finished the procedure and just for kicks pressed the wrench enuf to get a reading and see what the final ft/lbs ended up at? hoping for some real life guidance here
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I did my 97 with the engine installed. When you are ready to do the first 90 deg, use white paint or wite-out to make a mark at the 0 deg point on each bolt head. Then it's pretty easy to see when it has turned the right number of degrees ... and it is then easy to continue to the 180 deg point using the same marks.
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