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Head/foglight heat durability

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I don't want to start an HID pissing match, but I just ordered two 55w 4500k HID kits for my 2013.
I'm confident with proper aiming of the low beam that I won't be dazzling oncoming drivers (did it with our Camry) and the fogs would only be for use on dark logging trails and rural roads where there aren't other vehicles at night.
I know people have installed 55w low beams and been fine, but I'm more concerned about the fogs getting too hot. With the added size of the '13 foglight, that should distribute heat better and not cause problems there, but I don't know. I've got a set of 35w ballasts laying around that I may just use instead.
Melting my fog lights or part of the bumper with a 55w kit would most definitely put a damper on my first week of ownership.