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Let's start a thread, just found out the replacement JDM engine has started the HG leak at 80k miles only because the fuel injector on cylinder 1 failed closed and drove it for 5 miles...this is going to set me back $1000 for gaskets which shouldn't have failed to begin with!!!

coolant leaving it
didn’t even overheat
oh why Subaru

my second engine
how much patience to suffer
cylinder one code

fuel injector died
didn’t drive more than five miles
why gasket fail us?

only 80k
how can one have most honor
on side of the road

one time was so proud
now coolant drip from tailpipe
do not feel pride now

EJ two five good
until the butterfly farts
everything ruined

55 Posts
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The AWD is good, but it's those DOHC EJ25's. It is getting fixed along with timing belt kit for a grand, but if anything happens within a year I'm done with those engines... it's those freaking engines...
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