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Head gaskets again??

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As the title says I am not new to this one, but it just doesnt seem the same as the last time. I have a 99 2.5 DOHC. About a year ago, I had the explosive over heating, foamy overflow and temp spikes that you would expect. I had ext warranty so wasn't that fussed( my first mistake) they had me take to an "approved" shop who did the repair, the guy had used an aftermarket t/stat and clearly was not a subaru guy. The ext warr company then decided they would only pay just under half the $2500 bill (for which I got very little, had to ask for new timing belt, no water pump or even valve cover seals???) anyway long story short the repair didn't hold and I had to bite the bullet and change out the engine myself,with a locally bought JDM for $500 that already had the EGR etc switched over. It was a huge risk in itself as I couldn't see it running. But it was actually pretty simple, and was done in a weekend. I didnt do HGs at the time just the TB. 50,000kms later I feel they might be going on this one......

The engine never over heats and runs at 83-85c on the highway, 85-89 in city, and when stopped in traffic it cycles between 89-95 when the fans kick in(using scangauge for temp reading).These temps didn't change even when it was 35-40 degrees c outside I cant determine whether or not I have a combination of different problems i.e.bad rad cap(over a year old now but seals look okay), leaky hoses etc or just bad HGs. After say a three hour drive, if I check the reservoir it will have started to fill above the normal levels, sometimes it returns to the engine sometimes it doesn't. I only get a few bubbles in overflow when I shut the car off, no bubbles while running. I have bled and refilled the rad every time the overflow gets a bit full to get rid of air in system, by raising front of car, idling for 30 mins with cap off and squeezing all the hoses. Like I said it never over heats but I am kind of an overflow nazi, and carry a hand transfer pump at all times, after my last couple HG dealings.
I also am not afraid of accepting that HGs are my problem, after last time I know its better just to accept that these engines are notorious for it........but this time seems different . I am pretty handy and would do them myself. I am going to do a full coolant, thermostat rad cap change to see if there is any improvement. Ill leave water pumps etc until I do a teardown if no improvement. Any ideas thoughts would be gratefully received