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Headlamp Issue, need some input.

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Hello again Peeps!
First time I have needed to come back and ask for help for a long time after my engine removal and HG thread!

2001 Outback...
Suddenly lost daytime driving lights, and low beams...
Rear lamps work.
High beams are fine...
Cannot figure out the fuses or relays involved...
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Well, the DRL and low beams are the same bulb, high beam is separate. Sure the bulbs themselves are good?
Look at the diagram. What do the DRL and low beams have in common? That's where you check. Start with fuse 11, then check output of the combination switch. Its highly unlikely to be the DRL module.

I did run into one odd one once: The truck lost headlights, then started to stay running even with the key off and out of the ignition . Dealer wanted to replace the body module. The owner was smart enough to bail. I got the truck, started checking fuses, pulled the headlight assemblies to check sockets since the lights were the first issue, and behold - one chewed up wiring harness. Thanks to rats. Replaced front harness and the PCM (shorted out due to the automatic light function built in to the programming, melted part of the board and shorted the ignition circuits to keep it running. Had to pull the fuel relay to kill the truck.)


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Ok... Update.
The boy also reported an ABS warning light came on...
That was yesterday...
This morning the battery was flat, and would not start.
I checked it, and was reading 9V...
Jump started the car with my little battery box start thingy. Removed the box, and tested the Voltage at the battery, and it was reading 13.5/14V at idle... made sense and showed the Alternator was charging the battery.
Checked the fluid level, and one was low... at the top of the plates.
Decided as it is 5 years old, and looked suspect, I would replace it.
Went to Costco and got a nice fresh one.
Put it on, and car started great.
Now came the kick in the nuts...
Tested the battery voltage again with the motor idling..
The Alternator charging post is too hot to touch after 30 seconds of running!
I am assuming that the Alternator is toast... and the excessive voltage has burned out the headlamp bulbs... off out to check, then off to Autozone for a replacement Alternator
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Yep, both low beam filiments were toast... only put them in a few months back!
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