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headlight and bumper swap, gen 3

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I always get a little ocd with a new vehicle especially when I look at this forum all night...why is it when you don't have projectors every car you see has projectors!

I've got a 2001, car came with a cracked front bumper still together with shipping tape, so I'm due for a bumper, looks like options are a little bleak. Searching pictures all night I noticed there are 2004 legacy gt out there with gen 3 front ends, probably just early launch overseas 2005 models, but it got me thinking if I swapped a gen 3 bumper would gen 3 headlights line up with fenders, and I don't mind a gen 3 hood scoop it needed...
Anyone have these parts for a side by side comparison?
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Exactly. In Europe and many other countrys the gen 2 was introduced in 1999 and sold until 2003. The gen 3 came in the fall of 2003 and was produced until 2009.
So the one you are looking at is a gen 3 and it the front is defenitly not a bold on fit...
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