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I just had my driver-side low-beam bulb go out, and have been reading all of the posts about how big a pain it is to go through the fender liner to replace the bulb, especially with big hands. Several have said that it is actually easier to remove the front bumper, and then remove the whole headlamp assembly. (I have the official method from the service manual, which goes through the fender liner, but nothing that describes bumper removal.)

Is it reasonably obvious how to do this (the bumper removal, and then the headlamp assembly removal)?

Any special tips or tricks involved?

Even though the passenger-side low-beam bulb replacement is supposed to be easier than the driver's side (by removing the air-intake "funnel"), I'm tempted to replace the passenger side at the same time (if I have the bumper off, that is), on the theory that it will probably also die fairly soon.

As an aside, I'm thinking about using Sylvania/Osram Xtravision bulbs, which are supposedly somewhat brighter than OEM, or perhaps upgrading slightly to Sylvania Silverstar bulbs (both of which are still halogen).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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