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So I decided to give the Sylvania HLR Kit a shot. It has a lifetime warranty, so why not? I noticed my Gen 4 recently started having some of the telltale yellowing and hazy appearance of a car that's almost 7 years old.

I've used things in the past like the 3M kit and the Mother's Powerball kit, and decided that I wanted to try something that lasted a little longer. I bought the kit back in April, but never found a good time to do it, until today. Unfortunately, since purchasing the kit, I read up on a "DIY" kit that has 50/50 mineral spirits and Spar polyurethane. Next time, maybe, hopefully not too soon!

Before - Especially notice the hazing near the top, it was making the turn signal difficult to see...

During... (before Clear Coat, all polishing done)

And after Clear Coat applied

I have a little leftover clearcoat that I may try again if needed or not happy with the results, along with the "activator" spray.

It took about 45 minutes from start to finish, and now I'm letting it cure overnight. I'm pretty pleased with the result "right now" and hopefully this'll last a while. Reports vary from people on Amazon saying it's lasted for 4+ years, others saying it hasn't lasted a full 12 months. We'll see, there may be some "user error" involved.

Note: After applying the Clear Coat, the instructions say not to drive for at least 4-6 hours while it cures. I almost ended up doing an impromptu half mile walk to a grocery store for dinner tonight!

Meguiar's also makes a "spray on" protectant coating that's supposed to be needed every 12 months but should prevent yellowing. We'll see.
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