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Headunit installation

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He y'all,

I have an MY04 outback and the electrics are fried, the top display doesn't work anymore.

However, my main goal is to install a headunit into the car which can play through an aux cord. By looking over previous threads I can't decide wether I should try and install the unit by myself or pay a mechanic to do it??

Any recommendations for headunit a would be sweet as well!


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you have many choices available.

in the past, I have found the tools on to be very useful in helping to select audio gear. their database of which stereos fit which cars is very accurate. not perfect, but very good.

I haven't personally installed in an 04, but they appear to be very similar to the 95-99, which I have done. Those were about as easy as a car stereo gets. a first timer could do it in 2 hours with basic tools.

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With this site, stereo sites, and you tube you should be able to get a complete idea of what you should expect. It's not overly difficult, but there could be some specialized tools involved. Just take your time and use some common sense it all should go well.
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