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Hello all!

So I got my windshield replaced on my 09 Legacy after the OEM one cracked. Safelite replaced it with the one with the wiper de-icer and blue tint at the top. The Safelite tech told me that when he installed the new windshield he plugged in the cable for the wiper de-icer. Since my special edition did not come with the cold weather package from the factory it never had this feature.

What I'm wondering is if this is this easy to retrofit? I would imagine that the behind the blank button is the connector for the de-icer button. Then the only other thing to do is throw in the 15 amp fuse in the interior fuse box and everything would work right?

Always found this feature helpful when cleaning the snow off my WRX and my wife's old Outback Limited. So if its something easy to add too our Legacy that would be great!!!
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