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Hella 500 "dual use" as DRLs..

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I ran into a set of Hella 500 driving lights kicking around in my garage. They were intended to go on another car I have but I changed my mind and never installed them. Now, I feel that they are well suited to the OBW and so I decided to put them on.

Anyway, a quick trip to home depot and $12 later, I ended up with a couple of aluminum strips.

Two hours later, and after going through two drill bits on the dremel and being covered in aluminum shavings from the angle grinder, I ended up with this (see pic below).

In case anyone i wondering, the bracket is well supported from behind the grille. The bottom license plate bolts are there just to stop vibration but they are in no way supporting the weight of the lights.

Anywhoo, I live in a somewhat wooded area with plenty of shade and twisty roads. The twisty roads and trees last only for a couple of minutes until I make my way onto the main expressway. Though, in those couple of minutes I try to remember to turn mu headlights on as a safety measure.

Because I installed HIDs, I had to turn off my DRL feature and hence no DRLs. My Hella 500s are currently set up only when the high beams are on, but I wonder how difficult it would be for me to introduce a lower voltage from the DRL module (say... 5 volts? All I want is a very nominal illumination of the Hellas), so that (1) the Hellas would work as DRLs when the main lights are "off," and (2) have the Hellas turn off when the low beams are on, and (3) have the Hellas turn on when the main lights are set to high beam, as is the current setup.

Any smart electrical folk that can make me make sense of this virtual schematic and applying it to known existing wiring coming out of the DRL box? Any other ideas to achieve this?



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I may be able to help you figure something out thst will help you with this dilemma. Im pretty familiar with the ff500 lamps. Let ke do some thinking on this akd pitch oy to my wiring guy at the shop and get bsck to you wheb i am in front of ky pc (and jot trying to type on my phine) :p
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