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If wired in parallel the horns should work at their full potential provided the OEM wiring is rated to handle the additional current and you don’t exceed the 7amp fuse each horn has.

The OEM horns are 12V 4amps each, if I remember the Hella's are 5.5amps, so if the lengt and gauge of the OEM wiring can handle 10 Amps (assuming each circuit will have two horns) then you can upgrade the OEM fuse based on the wire limitations. It is just simpler to add a fused circuit and relay.

My OB's OEM horns are awaiting installation in my sons Power Wheels Jeep, they seem suitable for that application.

If you do install a second pair, are you going to run them on a separate circuit, with a relay? I have read that with horns, if you install more than the two that the circuit is designed for, you will not get any more volume.
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