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I've had this, my first, Subaru now for a little over a year and 45,000 miles. I drive a lot. I owned three Prius models in succession, principally for the gas mileage, and about this time I start to get antsy and begin the search for another car. My pattern has been to get a new car every two years. I realized recently that I have yet to have that feeling driving Aunt 'Baru, as I've named her (Note the Star Wars reference).

Mileage is a bit curious, though, but I'm not complaining. 'Baru registers 34.3 lifetime mpg on the display, and my Automatic (a computer thingy plugged into the OBD-II port) reads 35.7 lifetime. Whatever the case, my mpg is fantastic. But I am used to hypermiling.
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