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95 Legacy L Wagon 2.2 4AT
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Finally got a subaru....thank god. lol.

Anyway, hello all! Ive always wanted an awd wagon that was definitely different from most other cars. Ive got friends with subarus and i like how they drive. I thought id seek out a forum about this car since i know very little about subarus since im mainly a nissan guy (and mitsu 4g63t) so id love to learn all i can.

The fiance totalled her 03 aztec, and we found this gem on craigslist.

1995 Subaru Legacy L Wagon 2.2 4AT. Brand new brakes, shocks/struts x4, timing belt, exhaust, tires, and battery. Has 172000 mi. everything works on the car except.....the owners daughter backed into a car and destroyed the hatch/rear glass. Anywho I picked this up for $700 and couldnt be happier. Its been a great car so far and only leaks a small amount of oil, barely any as i hear subarus can be notorious for oil drips.

Anyway just thought id say hey before I start checking out threads.
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