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Anyone have a 1996 Outback 2.5L produced before 5/96 and know for sure what NGK plug wires are correct?

Production date of my vehicle is Oct 1995 (says Cherry Cap. Subaru Traverse City MI)

A place in S.F. CA told me it was built 4/1/1995 and sat around till 4/1996 when it was sold.

Either way it is before the NGK cutoff of 5/1996 where part numbers switch.

I ordered wires based on NGK's site and verified my production and sales date of my vehicle yet the wires which are on it now look different, and I need to make sure I have the correct ones or if I need to order others.

All the pictures I see online are stock photos (which several look the same).

I got a box which says RC-FX45 9097 with the 9097 crossed out and 8005 written on it with a sharpie.

If someone could find a real pic of the 8005 and 9097 so I can decifer what the heck I have going on here, I would appreciate it.

These look like the ones I got mailed to me:

The ones currently on me vehicle look like these:

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Ok here is what I have....

What was/is on the vehicle (Bosch)


Side by side...

Can the square flange which goes into the valve cover be trimmed to fit, or will it screw up the fit? Basically it wouldnt have four sides any more, just two.

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