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Help - HG and Short Block replacement in 2006?

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I'm new here, I appreciate any help or advice. My husband is not a car guy, neither is my dad, so I don't really have anywhere to turn. My car (2006 Outback, bought new in 2006, 97000 miles, no warranty left) has been going through oil very quickly since about June. I took it into the dealership in August for scheduled maintenance (like I always do) and to check out the oil issue. Service says I have a cracked head gasket. So I authorize replacement at $1700 (including my scheduled maintenance). The issue is not fixed. I take it back in in October. They say I have a gummy valve and clean it, and to keep an eye on it to make sure its not anything more serious. Check engine/oil light goes on again last week. Now I need a new short block because of something being wrong with my piston rings. Everyone at the dealership is bending over backwards to help, but financially I'm not happy. I'm getting offered a $4000 trade in value and a $4500 repair estimate. Subaru Customer Care will give me $1000 toward the repair or $1500 credit for a NEW Subaru only (if I replace, I'd like to buy a certified pre-owned this time). My husband also drives a Subaru, we do all of our maintenance with them, and I love my car. I don't want a new Outback. I just want my car. Any ideas/recommendations? Should I go elsewhere to replace the engine? I called and got a quote from Subies in Traverse City, MI at $3700 but would be without my car for a few weeks, which is a pain. Any advice is welcome. Thanks much.
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Take it to Bob Caldwell at Car Repairs Inc. :29: Sounds like Cherry Capital Subaru screwed you if they didn't actually get the repair right the first time. How many miles have you put on it since the first time you had it in?
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