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We bought this 2011 Outback new from the dealer - it never had a remote start option from the dealer installed. My wife is working a new job now and no longer has a nice parking garage to park in. For this winter she wants a remote starter installed.

From what I have read it appears the factory remote start has a very short 300-400ft range. Due to the distance she has to park from where she enters the building and her office she would end up having to walk into the parking lot just to activate the factory remote start. That defeats the purpose of having a remote start in our cold winters if she can't remotely start and watm the car before she gets to it.

I have seen some older forum discussions from 2010-2012 that recommend certain models of Viper, Autostart, or another brand I can't remember at this moment.

What are your recommendations on currently available brands/models? Pros and cons? any issues with aftermarket systems added to a 2011?

I remember reading some comments in those older discussion threads about needing the valet key. I'm not even sure we still have a valet key as we have never used it. We just have two regular keys. The one she uses and the one on my keyring. Does anyone know if newer remote starts still need a valet key to use with that particular system?

Lastly, by slim chance is there anyone in the Elkhart/Sout Bend, IN area looking at this thread have a recommended place for installing a remote start system?

Ricc Havens
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