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OK, I'm about to go insane. Let me say it cranks, once in a while it might pop a little but not start.

96 outback Legacy wagon 2.2l EJ22 engine, manual trans.

What's been done or diagnosed...

The ignition switch won't operate the starter and I have a new one on the way. I am running a Bypass or remote starter switch. Starter works great, I rebuilt it a month ago.

I had a t belt break and replaced it. It is on perfectly, spot on timing.

It has spark, new coil pack, good wires and functioning plugs So FIRE

It has 80 PSI of fuel pressure and good flow after the filter. So FUEL

Compression is #1/200 psi #3/200 psi #2/150 psi #4/200 psi

SO Compression.

We have gone as far as checking the t belt several times to make sure we weren't being comply brain dead, it's perfect.

After checking the fuel pump 80 PSI good flow after the flter, we put fuel directly into the intake, won't fire. Pulled the plugs and put fuel into the cylinders, still nothing not even a fart.

About every five min of cranking (collectively speaking) and every once in a wile it kicks a bit, but no start. A tad upsetting...

The battery was disconnected and of course wiped the memory the OBD2 codes are gone, so we don't have that option of diagnosis.

SO, crank position sensor might do this?

Hang myself? I'm not gonna kick the dog, she's supportive. The old lady isn't so happy. >:)

Ok Thanks for reading my rant, Maybe one of you has been through this infuriating experience.

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did you try jumping it, from a known good battery,

maybe the starter is not getting enough juice from "that' battery. maybe the wire to the starter.

while you are checking things. battery wires and engine grounds.


can you pop start it with the clutch?


and congrats on having a 96 2.2 manual.

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Crank sensor at the top-front of your 2.2. Happened on my old 2.2. Cheap & easy to do.
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