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help! What coilovers will fit on my 2000 outback?

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help! Im having a hard time finding coilovers for my 2000 Subaru outback limited, what different models suspension is interchangeable? Is GC or GD models interchangeable as far as suspension goes?. Also what further suspension mods should i do to correct for the low ride height?
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in your other post you said you "had" been towing a boat on this 230,000 mile car, you intend to keep doing that?

lowering the ride height from outback to legacy might make the car scrape where there are crests in the grade at the boat ramps.


and if you just want to keep things the same = KYB struts, OEM springs.
(KYB is having a $100 rebate this month, seen it in the rebates section of rock auto).

EVERYONE asks about coil overs,...vs. just getting a pair of spring compressors and maybe some plumbers pipe clamps and putting the parts together.

the only reason to change out subaru OEM springs: rust, advanced age, or they are physically busted.
(230,000 seems pretty old,...but maybe they were changed before).

subaru dealers compete online,...maybe amazon with their subaru dealers for springs, I typically try like 4 portals to online dealers looking for a deal.
(I am building a list and trying to wait for a typical 31% off halloween sale at of CT,...I usually get a email from them around oct 26)

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BC BR type coilovers will fit.

They are adjustable and will actually lift your OB if you want to...Here is Frankie on BC stilts...


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