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It all starts with a 2004 legacy outback with 113K...
Haven't owned for long, but it's the 6th subaru in the family (if you saw my driveway you'd understand) so it fits. Anyways, thought it was a good deal so I convinced my wife to buy it. Wasn't too long after that I noticed it idled really low at stop lights, around 300 RPM. I'm not stupid with cars, so I knew this wasn't good. Took it to our usual subaru guy who used to work for the company. His first conclusion was the alternator, so it was replaced. Drove fine for a few days. Went to start it early one cold morning, turned the key to the 'on' position and heard this unusual rattling noise from under the hood. Was running late so just took the truck (I'll deal with it when I get home). Got home, tried the scenario again, no noise. Great!...till the next morning. Did it again. This time I had the hood up and jumped out to see where it was coming from. It was from the battery/fuse box location, but went away before I could pinpoint it. It started fine and still no noise, so I drove it to work with no issues. As I was going home it did the same thing as before...idled too low at stops. Grrr
On the way home I was going up a hill (3000 ish RPM's) and I crested the hill and started going down the other side so I let off the gas to coast. Looked down and the car was still in the 3000 RPM mode. I knew this wasn't right (or good) so I tapped the gas and it finally kicked out of gear and idled normally. Got home fine (other than these issues it runs and shifts well), and heard a high pitched noise from the back of the car again when going slowly up the driveway. Oh..forgot to mention it did that before, but only when I was accelerating hard at high speeds (passing) and was really getting on the gas. I could tell it wasn't tire, bearings, etc.. the noise was either off/low/high. Wasn't gradual and sounded like fuel pump area...but just a guess. Anyways, it did that again when I was going less than 5 MPH up the driveway.
So that's the story...we have two noises (fuse box and rear) and two issues (low idle at stops and trans not wanting to get out of gear). I am really hoping they are all connected and will take car to mech. tomorrow. But if anybody has any ideas or possible solutions please let me know. Thank you.
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