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I hope posters don’t mind my post on the board. It is the Subaru forum I enjoyed most even though it has been a while since I had an Outback. I recently came across the announcement of the 50th anniversary models and the blue color appealed to me, finding it more interesting than the typical silver I get (all 3 of my cars are silver) as well as the medium blue quartz (the other option). The main issue is my son will be going away to college in the Fall and I want to reduce my cars from 3 to 2. He drives a 2015 Ford Fiesta which I can’t say I enjoy, but it works for him around town & getting to school. The thought is I will still have my one primary car (second car lease is up later in the year), but the second one we will share (when he is home from school, summer & breaks).

He is cautious and slow driver and he likes having a small car (he like the size of the Mazda CX3 which I think is to small). The lead choice is a 2018 Crosstrek, albeit I am not sure it will be entertaining enough for me. The thought was originally a Premium with Eyesight. I would lease it and if there are no issues and he likes, it it would eventually be his car. The plan was to wait until September, but I like the Blue Heritage color and know they will be hard to find if I wait. My dealer already sold theirs, but their sister store still has theirs. It would also mean a higher trim level, but the numbers are doable.

Some questions:
The Blue Heritage color seems a bit polarizing with some liking, but more being neutral to disliking. Do you think the color will age well? I can’t say I like the look of the two-tone Impreza hatchbacks from several years ago.

I think the color looks good on the Outback. Do you think the color works on some models more so than others?

What do you think of the embroidery on the seats? I am not sure I like the detail. From my perspective, it is not a unique high performance car that would warrant such a treatment. Will it look odd in a few years? I do like that the seats are all black seats, thinking they will age better than the two tone silver & black (even though they look good now).

I think if the car rolled out this summer or early Fall I wouldn’t be over thinking this. I am just not sure it worth getting the car early because I find the color nicer than the Silver or Quartz Blue. Sorry if this post is too far off the mark since it pertains to the Crosstrek, but I would appreciate thoughts. Thank you
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