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Proud owner of 2017 Limited, 3.6. Our first Subaru was a 1984 Hatchback. I remember driving that plain vanilla white beast - brand new - off the lot for $4,500 cash in Tampa. It lasted many years and was always one of our favorite cars. The new technology in our '17 Outback has been almost overwhelming to us, but we're slowly getting the hang of it. Hope to both learn and contribute here on the Outback forums.
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2002 3.0 VDC Wag + 2018 2.5 Leg Ltd
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how many subaru's existed with you since the first one,?

I have had 6 in my family since my mother's first in 1983 to now.

83 GL 2 door hatch manual trans 4wd (high/ low)
86 DL 4door wagon 5speed manual 4wd high.
88 Justy 2door 5speed manual 2wd
00 legacy outback 4door wagon, winter pack, cloth, 4EAT

02 VDC 3.0 wagon (the top dog).
02 outback sedan 2.5 4EAT limited (the under dog)

and with all those, there has been at least one, and usually 2 planted underneath me in my lifetime,...I drove all but the 83 which was traded for the 86 as it was bigger.
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