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Good morning to everyone here on the east coast and hello to all others our there,

Residing in CT as the title states, just made this account and am excited to become a member of the community. Been a Subaru driver for the last 5.5 years as a proud owner of a 2012 WRX Limited. Enjoyed the lovely replacement of an engine as so many others have with the EJ255 and 257, decided to build the car up, and now thinking it is time to move on after 2 years from the build.

Currently working here in CT for Subaru, so looking forward to not only asking questions from you all in the community but also providing any input or answering any questions (within reason) I can for anyone.

I am beyond excited for these 2018 Outback's to come in, and that is the main reason I am joining here as I am looking to possibly purchase the 2018, pending the difference in financing numbers I receive from the 2017. Theres some great things the 2018 offers for us all, but as everything goes, to each their own and some may not find those features worth it. I on the other hand do think theres some great new things with the '18, so I'd love to discuss with you all!

With that being said, of course I will spend some time searching the forums here, but if anyone would be so kind to provide a little direction to a great 2018 outback thread that would be greatly appreciated. Would love to hear all of your input and have a general discussion!

Thanks for having me, sorry if I missed anything!
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