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1999 Outback Legacy SUS 2.5 and 1996 legacy outback wagon 2.5
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Longtime lurker first time poster. I have two subarus. I have 1999 Outback SUS winter package edition , and 1996 outback wagon. I also owned a 1984 1.8 liter turbo coupe when I was in college (very early 1990's). I was driving jeep cherokees and a grand cherokee prior to getting the two subarus I have now. I love the SUS. It's fun to drive and has turned out to be a great road trip car. I have also driven it through some apocalyptic weather without issue. I got the SUS at a very good price because it had a bad head gasket. A mechanic friend of mine took care of it for me at discounted rate. The SUS already had new brakes, a new exhaust system and the tranny had been rebuilt about two years before I got it. The Outback wagon I got slightly screwed on but I am turning that into a bit of a project car. It had a bad head gasket too, but the big issue with that one is torque lock. The car is basically stuck in four wheel drive. I will be posting in the appropriate threads to try and get help later.


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