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Over the years, I've done several HID upgrades and, lessons learned, the only way to go is OEM. Anything else, no offense to the OP, is a hack. I wouldn't worry about legality -- there are so many cars trucks with purple lights or blinding bulbs on the road that I can't believe anyone is enforcing anything to do with lighting.

Problems I've seen with hacked HIDs (adding a HID bulb/ballast into a halogen housing) include condensation in the housing, failed lighting, electrical interferences and the possibility that if one housing is damaged (deer strike comes to mind), your body shop /insurance company will only replace your broken housing with an OEM halogen housing and you'll have to hack all over again.

I much prefer HID lights to halogen and am also surprised they aren't an option on the OB but are on the Forester. Maybe the 2011 cars will offer HID and the housings will be the same. I've used that trick on BMWs when one model year didn't offer HID but a subsequent year did (without a body change). Pricey, yes, but definitely not a hack.
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