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2002 OBW 2.5/174K
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Hi everybody. My name is Googabee.

My forest green 1999 Olds Intrigue's frame got too rusty to pass inspection, so I had to buy a new-used car. Lucky for me it is a blue 2002 OBW.

It has 174,500 miles on it now, just under 500 of which are mine. I had an independent shop take a look at it before purchase, and like me, they felt it was in fairly superb condition. So far I absolutely loves it, esp. after having driven the Olds for over 8 years.

I have much less power now, but everything else is crazy-good. Most notably the suspension.

I took it to a Subaru dealer yesterday for an oil change and to get it looked-over once again. They said a recall having to do with sub-frame corrosion was in order, so i guess they applied some rust-proofing. Other than that, I think they said the heat shield was loose or something. Though they expressed no urgency about it. Forgive me, I was really tired and I don't know car stuff very well.

So anyhow, the only problems I've noticed in 450-500 almost all highway miles is that when the tranny kicks into overdrive, I get a high pitched buzz/whistle type sound that seems to come from the radio area. I'm not sure what the source might be.

I keep the cruise control set around 70 on the interstate, and being in Vermont, we have some steep inclines here and there. If the incline increases, the engine kicks up just over 4000 RPMs and I hear this high-pitched sound for maybe 3-4 seconds. It would actually be kind of cool, provided it doesn't mean something's wrong. Like if I hit the nitrous or the turbo boost :eek:

Aside from that, I get a bit of a gurgling sound from one of the vents on the driver's side. My guess is perhaps some condensation in the airflow... but please feel free to chime-in with any ideas of your own.

The only other thing (so far) is that the cigarette lighter doesn't work. I'm guessing that's just a fuse.

And don't get on my case about smoking in my new Blu-baru. I mostly quit smoking a few years ago thanks to the vaporizer, a.k.a. 'electronic cigarette.' But the components can be unreliable and the batteries die... so sometimes I have to go old school. Believe me, the wind noise from having the window cracked is punishment enough!

Thanks for any advices/insights you old pros might have. And thanks for such a swell forum. I've been reading-up for like a week or two and I really like what you folks have going on here. :29:

Have a great weekend, and heck, enjoy the dickens out of your Subaru Summers, won't you? That's what I intend to do.
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