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Hitch Tongue Weight: 500 lb Ascent, vs traditional 200 lb Outback (2000-2019)

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I got a factory hitch for my 2017 3.6 OB from the dealer when I b

I'm looking at something like the attached picture. I was just at the rv dealer and we put the the trailer hitch on a scale and it came in at 350 lbs.

The factory hitch max tongue is 200 lbs?

This is empty. I'll likely add 50 to 80 lbs of battery which goes in the front.

So is this out of the question?


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What I want: Explore Flyer Mini Camper

Weight Range: 1400 - 2050 lbs
Tongue Weight Range: 290 - 390 lbs

What my OB supports

Weight: 3000 lbs
Tongue Weight: 200 lbs

So total weight is ok. Just out of spec on the tongue weight.
Let me fix that for you:

What my OB supports

Weight: 2700 lbs
Tongue Weight: 200 lbs

Subaru changed the specs on what is acceptable towing weight. And tongue weight literally means the downward force at the tongue. While it's potentially possible, though creative loading, to change the tongue weight, what can happen is you hit a bump, things move, and then you've bent your car.
pic or scan on that?

@Carl Abrams do you have such a brochure or anything yet with the tongue weight # in it?
Tongue weight? Nope.

We're making an educated guess here that it's going to be in the 350 - 500 lb range, but that's all that is, a guess.

Note that the BASE model Ascent only has a 2,000 lb towing capacity, which I presume has something to do with the Trailer Stability Assist that's added to the Premium through Touring models, but again, that's only supposition on my part. (Well, and on the part of several other people here, too.)
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