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Hitch Tongue Weight: 500 lb Ascent, vs traditional 200 lb Outback (2000-2019)

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I got a factory hitch for my 2017 3.6 OB from the dealer when I b

I'm looking at something like the attached picture. I was just at the rv dealer and we put the the trailer hitch on a scale and it came in at 350 lbs.

The factory hitch max tongue is 200 lbs?

This is empty. I'll likely add 50 to 80 lbs of battery which goes in the front.

So is this out of the question?


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As previously stated. You can go with aftermarket receivers that have a higher tongue weight like a class III receiver. But its still limited to 200lbs by how it is attached to the vehicle. So going with a class III receiver with a higher weight capacity is just throwing money away.
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