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I live in northeast Ohio and wondering if I need dedicated winters.
Personally I see 1/2 the people on here say they are fine (then I see they are from Texas or Florida) the other half say they are crap. As other posters on here have said they are fine depending on what you use them for. If drive on plowed roads and don't encounter much ice and most of your drive is flat, they should be just fine.

If you're like me and your area only plows if they think the snow will be around longer than a week, they only sand if they have no other choice and then immediately plow it off the road, and you have 7-10% grades just on your way to work like I do... get dedicated snows.

Me? I'm lazy. I just run these and was never happier.

By the way you are the 50th person or so to ask this but that's ok. :p
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